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Intech Creative LLC was organized in the state Deleware as a scalable new products technology company aimed at conceiving, developing and managing disruptive technologies and bringing them to market.

We maintain a small team of entrepreneurs, legal, finance, technology and marketing professionals based in the United States,  our subsidiary Incognito Worldwide located in Bangalore, India, and our U.S. based parent company Inicia Incorporated and it's Buenos Aires-based technology division.

VISION: We see a continued move towards integrated technologies, whether it be bundled products like G-Suite by Google, Microsoft360, or developer extensions to platforms like Facebook and/or others. Our focus is on fragmented industry sectors and underserved demographics, to automate what they tend to do manually every day, every week or month. 

APPROACH: Every new idea conceived by our team has to go through a rigorous 8-step evaluation process. We only move forward if it clears all 8 steps and, that we're confident that we can deliver a first-to-market product that serves our core objectives: reducing redundancy, increasing scale-able productivity, and providing a fast and high return on ROI. Intech Creative LLC uses -- and intends to use -- many common and existing programming languages, such as PHP. JavaScript, Java, jQuery, HTML5, and MySQL (for databases). However, our Chief Technology Officer is always researching to stay ahead of the technology curve, so the base technology we use will evolve with time. Many of the codes, frameworks, and architectures -- within our product suite -- we believe to be patentable due to the nature of how and what they deliver.

GOALS: Our primary goal has to be to increase shareholder value, as it is our shareholders that make our development work possible. In most cases we accomplish by focusing on delivering great digital products to the marketplace -- for both businesses and consumers; products that will achieve [for them] reduced redundancy, increased scale-able productivity, and a fast and high return on ROI. 

Each of the products is stand-alone and runs on our I2MCM framework. In time some (or all) of these products will be integrated so that users have access to a single point of access to use any of our products. Most have free subscription models, some have paid subscription-based models, and all are accessed via the cloud and/or mobile technology.

These products automate and manage some of the most daunting business, publishing and advertising processes that users face in running their online businesses and/or promoting their product/ service or themselves.

PHILOSOPHY: Any new endeavor that intends to succeed must have a sound answer to the questions “why do we exist; what benefit can we provide?” In a digital world that is expanding faster than the speed of thought, and the technology space that is highly competitive, to compete and grow, Intech Creative LLC needs to be a first-to-market, best-of-breed innovator of new SaaS and PaaS products that are scalable both in usability and revenue models.


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Great job on updating our business site! It looks fresh and timely and now we are hooked up with all social media avenues which is so important today. We LOVE it!!



"Wow! Very professional. Best premiere view of a website I've seen in years." Just one of the many great comments I have gotten on my website. I really appreciate that you hung in there with me (creative minds do not always think The end result is just what I wanted!

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Our products are built from a business usabily mindset, automating the business processes you're currently doing manually, saving you time while increasing cost-effeciency.

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Incognito Worldwide
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Valley Cottage, NY 
10989 U.S.A. 

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+1.646.233.4164 USA
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