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Sunday, 25 August 2013 03:53

Our CEO Featured in Small Business Enterprise Magazine

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Bruce T. Dugan, C.E.O. and Managing Member of Intech Creative LLC. has only been in India for nine months, but has made an impact.  In the August 2013 issue of Small Business Enterprise Magazine, Mr. Dugan was featured on the cover along with three other businessmen from Bangalore, India with the heading "Outsource Evangelists."

Bangalore, India is the IT hub of India, and many are referring to it as the Silicon Valley of Asia; opportunites to insert it into the global matrix seems timely. 

Mr. Dugan arrived to Banagalore in July 2012 to visit a friend who had a tech company based there. 

His friend had lobbied to build-out a project that Mr. Dugan had authored, which they mutually agreed to. However, the weeks lingered with delays, so Mr. Dugan SmallBusinesscover 400decided to take a differeent course. He began working with a few young programmers that he had befriended in the previous weeks. And the serendipitous meeting was the beginning of what would become a start-up, that during the next year has expanded to a staff of fifteen providing off-shore services to third-party clients in the United States. 

Inside Small Business Enterprise (pages 27-29) Mr. Dugan speaks  with magazine managing editor Vinil Ramdev. The interview includes how he came to be in India, why he stayed, how things have developed, his thoughts on India's economic future, America's outlook on India, and entrepreneirship.   

"The first day I was here I recall thinking I don't know that I am going to like this, but I've gotten quite comfortable here" he said. 

Beginning with nothing more than an idea, he has -- with his partners in the U.S.A. -- built a self-sustaining operation in Bangalore India, with expectations to expand the staff to twenty in the next month or so, and forty by early 2014.  

"We're just getting started" he says. "Our sales agents in the States are doing great; and we're satisfying clients with our services (website, software and mobile apps development, as well as providing online marketing, such as SEO, SMO, SEM, and PPC). This provides us with  growing cash-flow as we simultaneously build our asset value base through the development of  in-house SaaS products [that we intend to license on a subscription basis beginning in 2014]."

Intech Creative LLC is a scale-able service and products-based company focused on servicing fragmented and underserved industry sectors. "We have exciting plans for 21014 and expect to shake up certain markets." 


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