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Tuesday, 26 July 2016 11:17

Craveller Inc. Secures Funding

NEW YORK -- July 24, 2016:Intech Creative LLC. and Craveller Inc. announced today that private funding for the launch of the product known as Craveller has been secured.

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NEW YORK --August 2015: Intech Creative LLC announced today that it has secured a second round of private funding from two sources, including a founding member of Intech Creative LLC.

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Sunday, 04 January 2015 09:47

Intech Creative LLC Completes Corengine

NEW YORK -- January 2015: Intech Creative LLC announced today that it has completed its in-house framework Corengine, on which it intends to build out a series of digital products and subscription-based platforms.

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NEW YORK -- September 2013. Intech Creative LLC To launch Incubator In India

Managing Member of Intech Creative LLC, Bruce T. Dugan, is currently in-country in Bangalore India and has begun the search to build a viable team.

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"Wow! Very professional. Best premiere view of a website I've seen in years." Just one of the many great comments I have gotten on my website. I really appreciate that you hung in there with me (creative minds do not always think The end result is just what I wanted!

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