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A smart ad reservation system for publishers to auto-manage their advertisers, display and text Ads, writers and salesmen commissions, and accounting interface. Coming soon. ..


A tool for develoeprs, it is a MVC framework control panel that an be customized to manage your website and mobile application funtionality. Multiple hierarchy, persmissions a..

AT Service

If you’re a technical school, college, university or an aptitude trainer, AT Service is  customizable platform with several levels of hierarchy and permissions for test..


Find and/or share cool events that you or others stumble upon, in real time; like a city protest, band in the park, street artist or party. Auto notify friends and create your..


For businesses owners, merchants and outlets that wish to be visible to consumers online, and be able to shout out special promotions [to those in close proximity interested i..


Designed for niche-specific publishers of magazines, portals, ticket-sellers and other listing sites, and those that post events online and wish to expoentially syndicate thos..

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Designed for niche-specific publishers of magazines, portals, ticket-sellers and other listing sites, and those that post events online and wish to expoentially syndicate those events to the public.

EP logo tA cross-platform syndication conduit in real time. If you publish a niche-specific magazine, city portal, ticket site, or other directory, you can now connect with those that post events in your niche-target genre so that when they post an event it auto-populates on your website, and subsequently syndicates that information to your various social media walls and [in some cases] social calendars.

Conversely, if you are a performer or event promoter, you can post your event once and syndicate it to your own website and social media walls [and in some cases social calendars], as well as auto-populate to other websites and their branded social media walls [and in some cases social calendars].    

The problem: Posting events is a time-consuming endeavor. Whether you are aggregating events from multiple sources to re-populate on your site, or promoting your own event that you want to syndicate to multiple sites, there is a time effective productivity ceiling.

The Solution: is a patent-pending A.I. system that allows those that publish and those that post events to connect with one another to reduce redundancy and increase productivity and visibility. At each connection the event is syndicated to that connections constellation of websites and social media pages, so that at each stage the event grows in visibility exponentially; if a user RSVPs to an event on one platform, it will auto update that RSVP to all platforms in real time.   

The site had free subscriptions for publishers, event posters, and event attendees. Learn more at 

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Great job on updating our business site! It looks fresh and timely and now we are hooked up with all social media avenues which is so important today. We LOVE it!!



"Wow! Very professional. Best premiere view of a website I've seen in years." Just one of the many great comments I have gotten on my website. I really appreciate that you hung in there with me (creative minds do not always think The end result is just what I wanted!

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Our products are built from a business usabily mindset, automating the business processes you're currently doing manually, saving you time while increasing cost-effeciency.

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