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A tool for develoeprs, it is a MVC framework control panel that an be customized to manage your website and mobile application funtionality. Multiple hierarchy, persmissions a..


For businesses owners, merchants and outlets that wish to be visible to consumers online, and be able to shout out special promotions [to those in close proximity interested i..

AT Service

If you’re a technical school, college, university or an aptitude trainer, AT Service is  customizable platform with several levels of hierarchy and permissions for test..


Find and/or share cool events that you or others stumble upon, in real time; like a city protest, band in the park, street artist or party. Auto notify friends and create your..


A smart ad reservation system for publishers to auto-manage their advertisers, display and text Ads, writers and salesmen commissions, and accounting interface. Coming soon. ..


Designed for niche-specific publishers of magazines, portals, ticket-sellers and other listing sites, and those that post events online and wish to expoentially syndicate thos..

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A tool for develoeprs, it is a MVC framework control panel that an be customized to manage your website and mobile application funtionality. Multiple hierarchy, persmissions and more. 

MVC framework

Corengine is a MVC framework built using multiple open source technologies. It serves as the software that can be used to design any online web application. With this framework you have the foundation on which to custom build Web Applications, and also a control panel for it and your mobile applications.

The Open Source Used

Corengine was built using open-source software, specifically PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, and MySQL for database.

How it works
Corengine is built with a MVC (Model View Controller) architecture, making it easy for developers to develop on this platform using the easy module and table architecture. A new developer can see the previous code and can start writing new code with just the previous code as an example.

Code Once And …
With the class inheritance approach in Corengine, code a function with multiple constructor options; a single function can be used for multiple operations.

Database Design and Functionality
Corengine has internal functions for database handling and connections which makes it easy for a developer to learn and use with ease.
With our multiple internal written functions, developers need not reinvent the wheel; they use our internal apis and functions to do almost anything.

Corengine’s internal logger functionality makes it is easy to find bugs and errors and fix them. The exception handlers are designed to do it without the developer worrying about i,t but have the ability to write their own exception handling techniques if required.
Corengine (by default) supports a multiple number of open-source technologies, which makes it easier for the developer to code less and achieve the required results.

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Great job on updating our business site! It looks fresh and timely and now we are hooked up with all social media avenues which is so important today. We LOVE it!!



"Wow! Very professional. Best premiere view of a website I've seen in years." Just one of the many great comments I have gotten on my website. I really appreciate that you hung in there with me (creative minds do not always think The end result is just what I wanted!

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Our products are built from a business usabily mindset, automating the business processes you're currently doing manually, saving you time while increasing cost-effeciency.

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